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By now we all know scrubs are wrong, if you don’t then now u know. Scrubs are gritty and cause micro tears which makes the skin be in a state of constant repair and prevent it from glowing rather repairing itself.

In place of scrubs is exfoliating serum which has ingredients depending on types.

There’s glycolic acid, there’s mandelic, there’s lactic , there’s salicylic acid, and there’s fruit acids called enzymes

Ours, we have glycolic, salicylic, lactic and mandelic.

Salicylic is for those with pimples, large pores, oily skin etc, the rest can’t be used by all other skin types, though those with oily skin and pimples can also use the other types aside salicylic and our exfoliating serum is a blend of these acids.

Though we advice pregnant women and breastfeeding women that avoid salicylic acid serum.

This serum is a cheaper product to retinol which is a top exfoliator and anti-aging.



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