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Every living thing needs water and so does the skin. Think of it this way, when you’re rushed to the hospital, one of the first things you’re given is drip. This is because as a living thing, you need water and because you can’t actually give the skin water to drink, there has to be a way to do this, which is where skin plumping come in.

When the skin is thirsty it will give you signals which is by pumping oil to the surface of the face and making the skin on the body dry.

The skin is a blend of water and oil and when it is thirsty, it will make the body dry because the body skin doesn’t have much oil glands under while the face does so it will pump more oil and when you wash it, it will only give temporary relief and pump even more oil to the surface so we have to give it water

Made from a blend of Niacianamide also known as vitamin b which helps to reduce Oil, adesonine which helps to calm the skin and hyaluronic acid which helps release water into the skin, the serum is like watery gel, you apply it on wet skin and it immediately soothes the skin, like when you’re thirsty and drink water, that relief, exactly, so the skin will automatically stop pumping oil to the surface of the skin, and when that stops, of course your pores are reduced because oils is not passing through.

You look immediately smoother, hydrated like when you pour water on a dying plant, your skin comes alive and when you apply your cream on top, the glow is evident and you look immediately flawless.

It works instantly. It is great for all skin types and should be highly recommended for everyone regardless of what their skin issues are because when the skin is hydrated, everything else is easier to fix. If you soak a dirty pot with water, it is easier to wash right?

Skin plumping serum is a must for all skin and the beginning of glowing skin should start with recommending skin plumping serum




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