Nigerian bead bags have always been an essential part of Nigerian beads and fashion. Dating as far back as the Nok Culture, between 900 BC to 2000 AD, Nigerian beads have always had economic value as well as added an artistic expression to Nigerians.

As a multicultural nation, Nigerian beads have played significant symbolic roles in expressing the divergent identities of these cultures. Historically, beads were used to express class, social influence and royalty. They were also an indication of wealth among the religious and traditional strata of the society.

Bead bags, like any other bead designs, have become exclusive to royalty or those of the upper class but people of all classes and social standings can now own and use bead bags. They come in different colours with intricate designs.

Nigerian bead bags are useful accessories used with traditional wear to add colour to modern outfits. Aside from their beauty, these bags are cultural symbols and they are also used to convey personal belongings like jewellery, money and other important valuables. You can also give these bags out as wedding, birthday and graduation gifts.

Interestingly, Nigerian bead bags are of different shapes, colours and sizes. These bags reflect the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria and they can be accessed both online and offline. Below are 15 Beadiva bead bags that are available on You can go through these ones by clicking on them or here to pick any one that appeals to you and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Beadiva Glamour

BEADIVA GLAMOUR is a 100% handmade bead bag with a sleek metal handle.  This stunning accessory is a completion of your day-to-day outfit and will turn heads wherever you go. Y

Price: #45,000

Beadiva Bossy

BEADIVA BOSSY is a unique square top-handle bead bag. 100% handmade and equipped with the grit of a boss lady. Here’s a unique and stylish accessory to add to your wardrobe.

Price: #45,000

Beadiva Alluring

BEADIVA  ALLURING. Have a combination of formal and laid-back accessories in this collection. This handmade bag with metal chains and a bead top handle is enough confidence booster to get you through the day. 

Price: #40,000

Beadiva Dazzling

BEADIVA DAZZLING. This unique handmade bag is enough to slay that occasion. Show off your modern style with Dazzling bead bags. The clean and contemporary designs are perfect for the fashion-forward.

Price: #50,000

Beadiva Elegant

BEADIVA ELEGANT. Make a sophisticated statement with our elegant bead bags. The timeless designs and refined white and gold colours will elevate any outfit. Comes with an inner bag.

Price: #40,000

Beadiva Glory

BEADIVA GLORY. Stay dashing in this cylinder-shaped bead bag that comes in a variety of colours. 100% handmade. Bring back the lost vibes with our bead bags. The classic design and natural tones will stand out on every occasion.

 Price: #52,000

Beadiva Unique


 These round-shaped bead clutches with double metallic handles. It comes with a metal handle, an inner bag, and a dust bag. The bold shapes and contrasting colours will catch everyone’s eye.

Price: #50,000

Beadiva Chic

 BEADIVA CHIC. Embrace your femininity with our chic bead bags. Featuring bold patterns and vibrant colours, they’re perfect for parties and red events.

Price: #40,000

Beadiva Lovey

 BEADIVA LOVEY  is a 100% heart-shaped handcrafted bead bag.  Comes with two colour combo. The intricate beadwork and sparkling accents will make you stand out.

Price: #50,000

Beadiva Queen

BEADIVA QUEEN. Add some royalty to your look with our 100% handmade bead bags. The dazzling white beads and royal details will make you shine. It comes with an inner bag.

Price: #45,000

Beadiva Excellent

BEADIVA EXCELLENT. Stay on-trend with our black signature Excellent bead bags. The geometric styles and fashion-forward designs will keep you looking chic and stylish. Can be remade with more colours.

Price: #48,000

Beadiva Desires

BEADIVA DESIRES. Embrace your romantic side with our bead bags. The delicate beadwork will make you feel like a princess. Our flaming hot Desires red bead bag comes with an inner bag and dust bag.

Price: #40,000

Beadiva Essence

BEADIVA ESSENCE. Stay spot-on with our Essence collection. These bead bags are perfect for any occasion. With a simple yet elegant design, they’ll complement any outfit. Can be remade with any colour.

Price: #60,000

Beadiva Vintage

BEADIVA VINTAGE. Here’s a touch of vintage to your next outfit. We’ve created a classic design with earthy tones to suit your fashion needs and styles. 100% handmade.

Price: #52,000

Beadiva Minimalist

BEADIVA MINIMALIST. Less is more here!

Get people talking with these cute micro bead bags. With a simple and petite design, they’re perfect for festivals and beach days.

Price: #40,000

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