In this article, The Ten most beautiful places in Nigeria that every tourist loves you will learn about some of the most beautiful places in Nigeria that you can visit for holidays or adventures

Unknown to many, there are a lot of beautiful tourist attractions in Nigeria that can compete well
with places like Rio de Janeiro and Australia. Nigeria is home to numerous natural wonders and
dramatic landscapes that attracts tourists from all around the world every year.

Whether you are a tourist looking for your next destination, or you are a Nigerian living in
Nigeria or far in the diaspora, and you are looking to go on a lone vacation or even with your family
this holiday season, you will find these places fun and exciting. In this article, we cover ten of
the most beautiful places that every tourist loves in Nigeria. We also talk about what you will find
there and why you should visit


What is there not to love about Nigeria? With the uniqueness of our diverse cultures, our
delectable local dishes, our rich history and our hospitality, besides the charm of natural
landscapes and architectural grandeur, not to talk of our beautiful weather, Nigeria is surely a
place you’ll think of when considering spending a quiet time out alone or going on an adventure
trip with family or friends

Here are some reasons why tourists love Nigeria.

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Fun and Entertainment.

Nigeria is a place to experience the thrill of cultural and contemporary events. From Kano to
Calabar, the Argungun festival to the famous Calabar carnival now dubbed as the “Africa’s
biggest street party” Nigeria isn’t a place you’d come to not have some fun, and tourists know
this. Nigeria is also home to some of the most talented artists in the world and boasts of the
world-renowned movie industry – Nollywood. It is indeed a destination for fun-loving people

A place of natural calm and serenity.

Nature is at home in Nigeria. If you just need a place to get away so that you can reflect on life
and make plans surrounded by nature, Nigeria is the place to be. Little wonder that the colour of
our flag is green and white, with the green representing the lush of forestry and abundant

Friendly weather

The weather varies from place to place, but it is typically warm and welcoming. If you are
looking for a place where you won’t have to worry about heavy winter jackets and boots, where
harsh winter cold will not pierce through your skin and crack your teeth, then, come down to
Nigeria. Seriously, you don’t see extreme cold or snow in Nigeria. You can be sure to
experience sunshine all through the year.

The creativity and innovative spirit of Nigerians

This is another great reason why tourists love to visit Nigeria. Lagos has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of Africa because of how many innovative projects have sprung out of it – from popular fintech companies like Paystack and cowrywise, to mega projects like the Urea and Ammonia fertilizer Plant in the outskirt of Lagos.

By now you are probably thinking of your next visit to Nigeria. However, you don’t want to apply
for a Nigerian visa, buy a flight ticket, hop on the airplane, and fly to Nigeria, only to not know
where the fun places are. To avoid this, let’s quickly look at The 10 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria that every tourist loves

1. Erin –Ijesha/Olumirin Waterfall

Picture of Erin –Ijesha/Olumirin Waterfall

Located in Oriade local government of Osun state, Erin – Ijesha waterfall also known by the
locals as Olumirin waterfall is a seven-step waterfall with magnificent mountains, spectacular
landscape, tall trees, and mellifluous traditional tunes that sweeten the already sweet tune. The
waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Nigeria. It boasts about 100,000 visitors
In addition, the site holds strong spiritual significance for the people of Erin Ijesha as they believe that the waters which come from the seventh floor have healing powers.

2. Ogbunike Caves

Picture of Ogbunike caves

The Ogbunike caves are located in Anambra State, southeastern Nigeria- one of the
magnificent wonders of nature in Nigeria. The cave is blanketed by a valley of tropical rainforest
and a dramatic entrance to the caves stands at 5m high, 10m wide and 30m long.

This site is considered sacred to the people and visitors are to remove their shoes at the entrance. There
are several caves that make up this historic site and each has beautiful scenery. People who
visit the Ogbunike caves are drawn to several water bodies and a central river called River
Nkissa. You can visit at any time of the year and still be fascinated by the beauty of the caves

3. Owu Waterfall

Picture of Owu falls

Owu Waterfall is the highest waterfall in West Africa located in Owu Isin Local Government Area
of Kwara State. The waterfall stands 120m above water level and treats its visitors to its pure
crystal clear waters cascading down at 330 feet into an escarpment.

The evergreen vegetation and beautiful rocky walkways around the waterfall, asides from the waterfall itself are some of the attractions for tourists and travellers alike, and if you are daring, you can take a dive into the waters below and feel the calm of it.

4. Yankari National Park

Picture of Yankari Game Reserve

This destination, located in Bauchi northeastern Nigeria is reputed to be the most visited tourist
centre in Nigeria. It is reported that over 20,000 tourists from over 100 countries visited the
Yankari National Park in 2000.

There are many things that attract people to this natural enclave. It is a place to experience nature in its most real sense as a wide variety of flora and fauna can be seen in their natural habitat. It is also home to several natural warm water springs and the remaining species of elephants in Nigeria. It is surely a place to spend your holidays at the end of which you will appreciate nature better

5. Ibeno Beach

Picture of Ibeno Beach

Ibeno beach is one of the largest sand beaches in West Africa. It is stretched over 245km on a
sand bank of Ibeno, a local government area in Akwa Ibom state, south-South Nigeria. Flanked
by tall palms and indulgent sit-outs overlooking the beach, a visit to this destination is worth it
because of the serenity and the bliss of nature

6. Obudu Cattle Ranch

Picture of Obudu Cattle ranch

This serene, yet dramatic landscape holds so much for adventurous tourists and holidaymakers.
Obudu cattle ranch or Obudu ranch resort is located in Obudu which is just a little removed from
the ranch itself. The ranch features waterfalls, a natural resort, lush grassland and towering
hills at an elevation of 5,200 feet above sea level. This will serve as a beautiful getaway for a
family vacation

7. The Mambilla Plateau.

Picture of Mambilla Plateau

The Mambilla Plateau is located in Taraba State, Nigeria and is the continuation of the
Bamenda Highlands of Cameroon to the north. It is the highest plateau in Nigeria at an average
elevation of about 1,600 metres (5,249 ft) above sea level.

The Mambilla Plateau is characterised by high hills and mountains and is home to the highest
mountain in Nigeria and West Africa, the Chappal Waddi.

With the Mambilla Plateau, you can never get it all, from the undulating road leading into the mountains to the lushness of the tea farm – the largest in Nigeria. The locals are said to be very hospitable and if you want, they could take you on a guided tour around the vast plateau

8. The Kajuru Castle

Picture of Kajuru Castle

A visit to Kajuru castle immediately reminds you of castles in Hollywood historic movies.
Located in Kaduna, this historical site is surrounded by sultry hills and greenery.

It was built by a German expatriate in the 1970s. It features a rooftop terrace and a calm blue pool. You can book accommodation in any of the surrounding resorts and pamper yourself with the
delectable local delicacies and beautiful sceneries

9. Osun Groove

Picture of Osun Grove

A visit to this UNESCO heritage site will give you a feel for the rich cultural heritage and history
of the Yoruba people. It is situated in Osun state, along the Osun River. It is a beehive of
activity for the traditional worshippers and tourists, especially during the Osun-Osogbo festival
held annually in the third week of August.

Expect to be greeted by stone sculptures and carvings of the Yoruba deities like the Osun goddess –the goddess of fertility

10. Gashaka – Gumti National park

Image of Gashaka – Gumti National park

This is the largest wildlife park in Nigeria and is located within the Mambilla Plateau. So, a visit
here is an adventure of a lifetime. Spreading across two Nigerian states of Taraba and
Adamawa, the Gashaka – Gumti National Park is home to a wide variety of natural life from
Chimpanzees and giraffes to different species of monkies

There you have it as promised; the ten most beautiful places in Nigeria that every tourist loves. Have you visited any of these beautiful places? Will you visit any of them? Are there other
magnificent places you like us to add to our growing lists? We love to hear from you.

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