Best Christmas gifts for your Nigerian Lover/Friend is a must read article. Christmas is just a few days from now and despite the economic downturn around the world and in Nigeria, folks won’t miss the celebration for anything.

From Christmas trees to family hangouts, the yuletide comes with a variety of ways to celebrate. It’s a time to sit back, reflect and unwind with your loved ones. It is a period when love is shared not just in hugs, kisses, and laughter but also in gifts.

Giving out gifts to loved ones is a Christmas tradition that has stood for years. Going out to shop for gifts for loved ones could be a whole lot of work. But it shouldn’t be and to make it easier and more fun, we have done some digging, and below are some of the best gifts you could get for your lover or spouse this Christmas.

And particularly, for your Nigerian lover or spouse. Culture has a way of defining our taste and Nigerian men and women are no exception. There are things Nigerian men want that may mean nothing to a British man.  So we have compiled a list of gifts you can get for your Nigerian guy this period.

Best Christmas Gift For Your Nigerian Man

Ladies, when shopping for a Christmas gift for your Nigerian guy, please bear this in mind, get him something he needs. Don’t buy flowers. Get him something he needs. You want to know what he needs? Check this list below.


Surprised? Yes, get him a Netflix subscription if he loves movies and if your guy is a football fan, then get one of his favourite sports channels subscribed. A DSTV subscription for live matches is a good way to start. The streaming service will give him access to major sports events, documentaries, and more premium content. You will surely win his heart with this.

A Date

Yes, take him out on a date. I know it is customary for guys to take ladies out but what happens to breaking the rule? You must not follow conventions and mind you, this is a special occasion. Take him out, and make him feel loved and special. It should not always be the guy, ladies too should pull up these surprises.

Slide Sandal

This sounds perfect for a Christmas gift. Guys don’t want much from you but they too love to be treated specially. Guys do love slide sandals and getting your man one could do a whole this period.

A Credit Alert

He doesn’t need to be broke or ask and that’s why it is called a gift. If you have his account details which you should, you could surprise him this period. It doesn’t need to be much but small things done on very special occasions could mean so much. Do well to also attach a special message.

A Pair of Undies

Get something colourful and beautiful. The old pairs should not be worn out before you get him new ones. Just do it this period. Get him new undies that will make you smile every time you look at him in the bedroom. Do well to add a pack of white singlets. Sounds romantic right?

A Pair of New Shoes

Sandals or flip-flops are worn casually but every guy needs the kind of shoes that fits his official status. This could be expensive but it doesn’t matter. Get him a pair of brown or black shoes that will match his suit. I will also recommend you add a brown or black leather belt.

Does he work out?

He doesn’t need to be a gym enthusiast but if he does any kind of workout routine, then you should encourage him. Get him a pair of trainers and you would have motivated the Arnold Schwarzenegger in him.

Get any of these for your Nigerian lover this period and I am sure you are going to make him happy. It doesn’t need to be something expensive necessarily but make sure you get something as a way of telling him you love and appreciate him. Men don’t demand so much.

Best Gifts For Your Female Nigerian Lover

One of the love languages of Nigerian women as far as I know is gifts. Nigerian women love gifts. Gifts come second after money on the list of things they like. We all love money, don’t we?  Buying a perfect gift for a Nigerian lady is not as straightforward as rocket science but it takes a whole lot of observing. You  need to be observant of your Nigerian lady to know what she likes and the things she’s into.

For a guy, it may seem kind of a tedious thing but it shouldn’t. Finding the best gifts for your Nigerian woman doesn’t have to be a struggle.

To make it a fun activity for you, we have done the work for you. We have compiled a list of the best Christmas gifts for your Nigerian lady and Nigerian women of all kinds.

Flowers, Body Spray, and Perfume

Nigerians don’t like flowers. The men don’t and the ladies are not really into them but your Nigerian lady would appreciate the expensive gesture. Do well to add to the flowers a body spray or perfumes she likes. You need to be observant to know the kind of perfume she wears. Get a designer perfume that’s not too expensive but if you can afford it, go for the expensive ones.

An iPhone

Sounds expensive right? Nigerian ladies love this product. I know this is quite expensive and is on the high but if you love her and you have the financial wherewithal, then get her one. But if you can’t, you could go for any other phone. Maybe her phone is already old, get her a new one. We all love an upgrade.

A Power Bank

We know the epileptic nature of light in the country. If your lady loves watching movies or uses her phone a lot, you could get her a power bank. No more low battery and this makes reaching out to her anytime possible. You wouldn’t want to miss her right? This gift is a necessity and you should seriously consider it.

Hair Dryer

She’s going to love the idea of getting her done all by herself at home without going into a salon. Getting her a hair dryer would make that possible. A hairdryer is one of the great gifts for Nigerian women as they can take care of their hair from the comfort of their homes. Anytime she uses it, which will likely be often. She’s reminded of how awesome you are.


Most Nigerian women won’t say no to jewelry. They are among the most fashionable people in the world and adding a piece or two of jewelry to their collections won’t be bad. If your lover enjoys wearing jewelry, you could get her pendants, necklaces, and all great jewelry as a Christmas gift. You can even have it customized with her initials on it which makes it all the better. And you can make it even more special by inviting her over for a home-cooked meal, cooked by you, and surprise her with the lovely necklace.

A Date

A surprise dinner date won’t be a bad idea at all. Ladies love this. It makes them feel special. Start by making a reservation at a nice restaurant. Don’t let her know where you are taking her and you can make it even better by having a dress delivered to her for the dinner date. This will make her feel special and loved and she would for a certainty love this.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If she has a penchant for music and probably listens to podcasts, then getting her a portable Bluetooth Speaker will make her happy. It makes the experience of listening more pleasurable and gratifying. A portable speaker is always great to have to take on trips, use at home, or listen to outside. They’re also great for outdoor gatherings.


Make sure you are observant. Know the things she likes however, Nigerian ladies love slippers and fanciful flip-flops. You can get her a pair or two.


Everybody loves to sleep well and what better way to do that than in your pyjamas? Nigerian ladies like most ladies cherish their comfort and peace, especially at night.  You can get your Nigerian woman pyjamas that are equally cute and comfy.

Journal and Books

This is specifically for Nigerian ladies that are writers. Having a lady that writes is cool and one of the best ways to make her know you appreciate her talent is to get her a journal. It will enable her to take down notes and ideas easily.


If she enjoys reading too, then a couple of books as a gift for your Nigerian woman is a must. Most ladies love good stories and if she reads, then get her something that reflects the spirit of the season. Any ideas?

A Beautiful Wristwatch

This is a beautiful gift for your Nigerian lady. This can never go wrong. I can’t imagine a lady rejecting a wristwatch. It doesn’t happen ever or often. Nobody can ever have too many wristwatches. Get a beautiful wristwatch and surprise her over drinks. She would love that.

Gift cards

If you hate shopping as much as I do,   then this is a way out for you. Doing someone else’s shopping can be quite strenuous. You don’t even know what they want. To save you from the mental stress of getting a gift for your lady, gift cards are the way to go.  If you’re looking for a gift for a lady who loves to spend money/shop, you can be sure they will love the gift of spending someone else’s money. 

Tickets to a Concert

Is there a concert happening around your area? If you know any then you should go get tickets for two. Most Nigerian ladies love music and a timeout with you giving without her favourite musicians is performing at a concert, this could be a great Christmas gift.

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A portrait of Her

This is classic and romantic. Get a good artist to paint a portrait of her. Nigerian ladies love pampering and beautiful things.  I bet you that she would love you forever if you gave her a painting of herself.

These gifts don’t have to be expensive necessarily but all the same, they make friendship tick. Shopping for them doesn’t have to be hard and I believe the compilation will make it a lot easier. Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all–Tinku Razoria Merry Christmas

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