How to start these 25 businesses in Nigeria is more important now considering the country’s economic downturn experienced over the past few years. The country’s high unemployment rate has made entrepreneurship a way out. Consequently, It has become imperative for young Nigerians to learn one or two skills to survive. The Nigerian economic landscape is littered with a plethora of opportunities. Some of these opportunities are small startup ideas that anybody can start immediately. These are 25 business ideas you can start in 2023.

Digital Marketing

Under this category, we are looking at businesses that require the use of the internet and online-based digital technologies. Interestingly, this sector has proven to be very lucrative over the years. It has some of the best 25 business ideas in 2023.

1. Website Design

This requires the requisite knowledge of building websites. The shift to a more digital economy and internet marketing has necessitated the use of websites by businesses. How do you start this as one of the 25 businesses in Nigeria? If you are good at coding and website design, then this is s a sure of making some good money. And office space is not needed to start this. You can work remotely from the comfort of your home. Interestingly, you can also make a fortune from this as web designers are in high demand.

2. Facebook Marketing\Ads

With an ever-increasing number of users, Facebook is a good platform to get visibility for a business. This has led to an increase in Facebook marketing through Ads. These businesses always require the services of experts in Facebook ads.

This is also a lucrative business. To start this as one of the 25 businesses in Nigeria, it requires just a mobile phone, a laptop, and internet service to set up. If you have already learned Facebook marketing, then this is for you. But if you haven’t, then you can learn from experts and begin to earn. You get paid by businesses if you can help market their products through your ads. This is one of Nigeria’s 25 businesses you should go into in 2023.

3. Email Marketing

With a will to convince, a data connection, an email account, and the necessary gadget, you can earn by sending emails to people. All it requires to start this as one of the 25 businesses in Nigeria is reaching out to prospective customers via email and convincing them to buy advertised products. Businesses will pay you if you can convert these strangers into customers.

A good number of businesses rely on this marketing strategy and you don’t need much to start. With the requisite knowledge of strategies that work, you can earn cool cash from this.

4. WhatsApp Marketing

Your WhatsApp shouldn’t just be for chatting, sending, and receiving videos. You can use it to make money. WhatsApp marketing can put hundreds of thousands in your pocket if only you know how to go about it. Get yourself trained on the system involved and you will be glad you did.

5. Creating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content

Creating content that helps increase traffic on websites and create awareness for businesses has become a highly marketable skill. As the economy becomes more digitalized, a skill like Search engine optimization (SEO) keeps rising in demand. With the requisite training which is mostly available online, you can start this as one of the 25 businesses in Nigeria. It doesn’t necessarily require any capital to start but the necessary skill, a laptop/mobile phone, and an internet connection.


Nigeria’s agricultural potential remains one area yet to be fully tapped. Blessed with fertile land and weather good for agriculture, young Nigerians can leverage this to make ends meet. The following are business ideas under agriculture.

6. Poultry farming

All you need to start this as one of the 25 businesses in Nigeria are your startup capital and of course, the will to tolerate the stench from poultry waste. Poultry farming can thrive anywhere in Nigeria. This is all about rearing farm birds like chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, into maturity and selling them to buyers. The end product is either sold as meat or eggs for food.

Over time, poultry farming has become one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. If you run the business well, you can attract investors. You can also start on a small scale and choose to upscale later depending on the success and demands of customers.

7. Plantain chips making

Plantain chip is one snack that has come to stay judging from its popularity on street corners, stores, traffic hawking, and shops. It I a chewy snack and people love it. Starting it as one of the 25 businesses in Nigeria won’t be a bad idea.

The process of making plantain chips is quite easy and you can either start on a small scale and later scale up and supply to other marketing outlets.

8. Starting an eatery

One business that you are sure to make sales of daily is selling food. People will always be hungry and as such will need food. Imagine being the provider of this food. Setting up and managing an eatery may take time and require cooking and housing facilities but in the long run, if you don’t give up, it will become a profitable venture. You need to set up in a good location and you are going to make some good money.

9. Cassava farming

Cassava is one of Nigeria’s most popular and useful agricultural products. It is the raw material used in the production of Garri and fufu. Garri and fufu are among the most common food in Nigeria. As the raw material for Garri and fufu, cassava is always in high demand. Cassava farming could be strenuous and the nature of the business has pushed people from it but any who has the energy and patience involved is sure to make a good profit from this.

10. Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is all about rearing animals. Nigeria’s agricultural potential is vast and you can tap from it by rearing animals. This goes beyond poultry farming as it can be done on a larger scale. Aside from rearing poultry, one could go into rearing cattle, snails, goats, fish, etc. what is required for this kind of animal farming is a large piece of land, capital, and enough time. You also need to gain the necessary knowledge about your choice of animals and their care.


11. Own a YouTube Channel

Creating video content and uploading them on your YouTube channel for people to watch is another way of making money in Nigeria. If you have a flare for content creation, then this is for you. You can choose a particular niche and what you think people would want to watch, create interesting video content, and upload it on your channel for people to watch.

You need to learn how to go about growing your channel because it takes time and effort to start making money as a Youtuber.

12. Graphics Designing

This business might be the best for you if you have a background in art or probably have a flair for art. If you are not into arts, you can take some courses on graphics design. With a little cash and some design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw, you are good to go.

13. Photography

Photographers are always busy. Nigerians love parties and festivities. The memories of these occasions are captured in pictures and that’s where photographers come in. Take some photography training, get a good camera and you are set. This should be on the list of 25 businesses you should go into in 2023.


14. Importation of used clothes

As a third-world nation, Nigeria is a good market for used clothes. Not many Nigerians can afford designer clothes in boutiques and as such, settle for used clothes imported from the Western world. The majority of Nigerians wear these used clothes popularly called “Okrika” or “secondhand”. A whole lot of people are into this business already but being a very wide business, there is always room for another competitor.

You can start small and later expand as your customer base grows. This business thrives majorly in poor, average, and some rich environment.  This should be on the list of 25 businesses you should go into in 2023.

15. Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. People will always wear clothes and that makes this business a good one. To Nigerians, fashion is almost as important a necessity as food and it is not just about putting fabric together to make a dress but Nigerians are ready to pay to look good. You can start by learning the necessary skill and if you are good, you won’t lack customers and clients.


16. Transportation business

You need to start this business by procuring a good vehicle. People move from one place to the other days and for those who don’t have personal vehicles, you can help them solve the problem of transportation. Transportation is a very good business that has space for everyone.

17. Mining

Nigeria is a nation blessed with natural resources like oil, coal, gold, and many more. If you live in an area where access to any of these resources is not illegal, then you could start mining them and selling them off as raw materials. There are markets for you to sell these natural resources at a very good price. Getting the necessary license and tools are some of the major obstacles in establishing this business but if you can overcome them, then this is a good business.

18. Human Resource Agency

Help companies recruit good and competent hands and get paid for it. The process of staff recruitment may be rigorous and not all companies have the time to go through this process and that’s where you are needed. You can set up your human resource agency and make money by recruiting hands for companies.

19. Waste management

The Nigerian government has been doing poorly in the area of waste management and that has led to a sizable amount of pollution in the country. You can start the business of packing, recycling, and converting waste into organic fertilizer. You can sell the recycled waste to farmers and any other person interested in recycled waste.

20. Rental services

With enough capital, you can buy equipment like chairs, music boxes, canopies, and decorating materials and put them up for rent. If you can have them labeled, create awareness and ensure they are properly maintained, this has the prospect of becoming a lucrative business.

21. Mobile phone repair

Nigeria has a high percentage of young people and this population love using gadgets, especially mobile phone. This is a good business area to explore and with the necessary training and little cash, you can set up a phone repair shop and start making good money. You will also require good communication skills to get customers. You can stand a little and expand it by selling phone accessories.  

22. Pure water business

Everybody loves water. It is needed by every living thing for survival and as such, its production can never outrun its demand. Armed with the will to earn and a good location, this business is highly lucrative. People will always need water and if you are consistent and reliable, this will bring in a high level of returns. You can start as an itinerant trader, retailer, or wholesaler or get someone to work for you and later upscale to starting yours. For upscale, you need to get the necessary legal qualifications.

23. Recharge card and data vendor

You can make money by becoming a recharge card and data vendor. With a large customer base that you can build through social media, this business is a very good way of earning extra income. Data is almost as important as oxygen and people will always need airtime to make calls. The demand for data and recharge cards is high and you don’t need any training to start this business.

24. Catering services

Nigerians love food. If your culinary skills are good, then you should start this business. You just need to know how to cater to people’s appetites and you are going to make money. Also, food is an essential need and as such, the demand in this business will always be high especially when you are good. You can start by taking up orders for major events or making food deliveries to notable places. If you are patient enough, this is a lucrative venture.

25. Laundry services

The laundry business is another business that is popular in Nigeria today because Nigerians are so busy and they hardly have time to wash their clothes and other household items. To start this business, you need a washing machine, a pressing iron, a power source, space, and a billboard.

You can earn while you wait for that white-collar job. Start these businesses today and earn. As I have noted, the good thing about these businesses is that most don’t require much start-up capital. Get the necessary skills required and you are good to go.

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