The Nigerian fashion space has a plethora of Nigerian fashion and beauty influencers you could follow for trendy inspiration. Social media has given fashion and beauty influencers in Nigeria a good platform to command an admirable following. Utilizing spaces like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok and Facebook, Nigerian fashion and beauty influencers have not only made names for themselves, but they have also influenced and shaped the way Nigerians dress.

Fashion influencers use these social platforms to showcase their unique styles and in the process get endorsements from brands and influence the fashion perception of their followers.

So who is a fashion and beauty influencer?

In general terms, an Influencer is an individual who has a considerable amount of control over the purchasing decision of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience. Influencers normally follow a distinct niche in which they are known and command following.

In the fashion and beauty space, we also have influencers that create fashion content and have the power to affect not only the purchase behaviour of others but also the fashion perceptions of their followers.

The Nigerian fashion industry is not only unique in what it produces but it has also some interesting individuals we all should know. So who are some of the top fashion and beauty influencers in Nigeria?

Top Fashion Influencers in Nigeria

Denola Adepetun

Adenola Adepetun

Born Denola Adepetun on August 13, 1990, Denola is a Nigerian independent design advisor.  The Ogun State indigene who was born and bred in Lagos State is arguably Nigeria’s top fashion stylist. Aside from being an independent fashion advisor, Denola is a writer, media strategist, actor, and model.

Dénola’s fashion and media consultancy journey started in 2008 and has taken him across different platforms. He has served as a media and fashion consultant for a number of companies. He was a public relations manager for Fruition Image Consulting. At PRC consulting, he learned media consulting in 2012 and he was part of the team that organized the New York Fashion Week and threw a party for ACNE Paper magazine. He took up social media and business managerial roles at Walter Baker in 2013.

After working for a number of companies including a Lagos-based fashion brand, ALARA, Denola started his firm. 2014 became the breakout year for him after working for EbonyLife, Bella Naija, and The Guardian. He writes for BellaNaija and The Guardian as a fashion journalist and recorded fashion tips for the men’s fashion feature EbonyLife.

His acting career also took off with his debut movie Benjamin Castle’s Castle & Castle. He acted alongside Nollywood’s top stars Richard Mofe Damijo, Dorcas Shola, Jude Chukwuka, Blossom Chukwujekwu, and Eku Edewor. He was selected from a number of other actors and actresses after attending an audition by EbonyLife production.

Denola has been recognized for his work with a nomination for the Best Dressed Male Celebrities award at the African Film Viewers Awards on March 14, 2020. In 2022, he was also recognized as Best Dressed Male at the 2022 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) 8th edition.

He works with Orange Culture and is one of the brand’s Lagos Fashion Week ambassadors (LFW). To have a feel of what he offers, check him up on Instagram.

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

If you are conversant with the Nigerian social media space, then you should know Toke Makinwa. And while her name may not pop up as the first on the list of fashion influencers, she does have a role to play when it comes to fashion in Nigeria.

Born on 3 November 1984, Toke Makinwa is a Nigerian radio personality, television host, vlogger, lifestyle entrepreneur, actress and author.

She is most popular for being the host of The Morning Drive on Rhythm 93.7.FM and for her Youtube vlog series Toke Moments. Toke ranks as one of the top female show hosts in Africa and is also an author.  She published her book On Becoming in November 2016.

After making her major media debut In 2010 on Rhythm 93.7.FM’s The Morning Drive show as a co-host,  she has gone on to host a number of appearances on other shows. In 2012, she was the host of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) beauty pageant, which was a nationwide broadcast and alongside Tosyn Bucknor and Oreka Godis, she co-hosted Flytime TV’s 3 Live Chicks.

She started her YouTube vlog series Toke Moments in 20212 and a year later, she won the Nigeria Broadcasters Award for Outstanding Female Presenter of the Year. She also got nominations for ‘Radio OAP of the Year’ in the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

Toke Makinwa hosted the 2013 Future and City People Awards, as well as the 2014 Headies Awards 2014, Hip Hop World Magazine talk series Trending and most recently, she was made the official co-host of the third season of The Voice Nigeria. She October 16, 2021, Toke Makinwa was also unveiled as the host of Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 and In November 2021, her new TV show “Talk With Toke Makinwa” started on MultiChoice.  

Check her up on Youtube: Instagram: @tokemakinwa

Powede Eniola Awujo

Powede Eniola Awujo is a former beauty queen with an admirable track record in the fashion world. Born on 22nd November 1991, Powede has an interesting resume as she is an ex-beauty queen,  a registered pilot, a nurse, and an entrepreneur.

Powede is a Nigerian by nationality and an Ijaw by her tribe. Her mum is Yoruba and she is the only female and the last child of her family.

Powede became a certified nurse and midwife after obtaining her nursing degree from the Niger Delta State University, Bayelsa. Interestingly, the fashion model also qualifies as an Aviation pilot with an excellent PR relations with flight clients. She got certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

In 2019, she became a global partner representing Nigeria with the French luxury brand, Lancome. Powede is a philanthropist and has a foundation called Powede Lawrence Foundation which cares for people living with disabilities and the less privileged in society.

She is a wife, and a mother and you can know about her via @powedeawujo

Akin Faminu

Akin Faminu

Talk about a medical doctor who loves to look good and Akin Faminu’s name will ring a bell.

Born and raised in Lagos State, the medical doctor cum fashion influencer is a men’s style blogger with a knack for unconventional styles and adding the extra to the ordinary.

Despite the fact that Akin is science-oriented, his passion for arts and fashion is a distinctive feature of his personality. A medical doctor in the making and a fashion influencer per excellence, Akin has been able to balance work and passion. He doesn’t just fix people; he shows them how to look good.

Medical school comes with a lot of stress but the influencer has not allowed that to overwhelm him. Akin has been in the fashion space as a fashion blogger for over four years. To him, fashion blogging goes beyond money as it helps him to portray the man he is and documentation of his visions as reality.

Check out Akin’s unconventional style on and @akinfaminu

Angel Obasi

Angel Obasi

She is obviously among the 5 Nigerian Fashion and Beauty Influencers to Follow for Trendy Inspiration in 2023.  As a fashion and style blogger, she has an eye for creativity and she exhibits grace. 

Born on the 12th of March, the native of Imo and fashion influencer is a graduate of mass communication from a North American University. Aside from being a fashion influencer, she is a lifestyle journalist,  a fashion aficionado, an architectural designer and a model.

The beautiful, elegant young lady is among Africa’s most influential fashion bloggers. She has a knack for Nigeria’s traditional wear. She has helped paved the way and promoted Nigeria’s tradition through her dressing with the combination of Ankara.

The young lady is the creative director at “Thestyleconnaisseur“, a blog of which she ideals mainly with fashions.

Social media handle: styleconnaisseur

Whitney Madueke    

Whitney Madueke

She is the only beauty influencer on this list. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, the Nigerian beauty influencer is also a model and public speaker. She spent her formative years in Nigeria, before relocating to England to study Law. Whitney started her Instagram journey in 2018 and she is also a Youtuber. She uses her social media handles to publish beauty tutorials, shipping hauls fashion inspiration and more. She has promoted products from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The beauty influencer also uses her YouTube page to post hair and makeup content.

Eronini Osinachim

Eronini Osinachim

On the list of 5 Nigerian Fashion and Beauty Influencers to Follow for Trendy Inspiration, Eronini is a newbie. Despite being a newbie as far as the fashion space is concerned, he is someone worth following. He is one of the young fashion influencers to look out for and follow in 2023.

The handsome young man is from the South Eastern part of the country. He is a commercial model and social media influencer. A student of Unilag who commands a considerable number of following on Instagram. You can follow him on Instagram @eronini

The Nigerian fashion space has a lot to offer not just in styles but also in people shaping and determining the trends. From beauty to fashion, the Nigerian fashion space is littered with bloggers, vloggers and stylists that are worth following for trendy inspiration. This list is not exhaustive as they are more but we hope you find the trendy inspiration that satisfies your fashion needs.

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