I will recommend Fun facts about Lagos to anyone who desires to know more about Lagos. Besides, the first and most important fact you need to know about Lagos is that if you can survive the hustle and bustle of Lagos, then you can survive anywhere.
The City of Lagos is the sixth-largest city in the world by city population. It is Nigeria’s most popular city and it has some of the best beach resorts, nightlife, and activity. It is almost like a city that never sleeps.
While it is the smallest state in the country in terms of land mass, Lagos is Nigeria’s biggest financial and economic hub.

Located in the Southwestern part of the country, it is one of the six states belonging to the Yoruba people. The Yorubas dominate the city of Lagos, however, it is now an abode to other tribes and foreigners over the years.
If you are a visitor to Nigeria, the City of Lagos is a place you should visit and probably settle in. We have curated a list of facts and vital information you should know about Lagos. Here are facts about this megacity, some you know while others you don’t know.

Tallest Building in West Africa:

The tallest building in Africa is in Lagos and that is the NECOM house towers. It is the tallest building in West Africa and it is 160m above the city.  Formerly called the NITEL Tower and before that, the NET Building, the skyscraper located in Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos is a 32-story building completed in 1979. It is indeed a good site for some tourism.

Second Longest Bridge in Africa:

The Third Mainland Bridge which connects Lagos Island to the mainland was the longest bridge in Africa measuring 11.8 km until 1996. Julius Berger Nigeria Plc constructed it, and the bridge’s official name is Ibrahim Babangida Bridge. The bridge lost its status as the longest in Africa in 1996.  The 6th October Bridge is Africa’s longest bridge and it is located in Cairo, Egypt.

 Nigeria’s Oldest Hospital:

The General Hospital is the oldest hospital in Nigeria and it is located in Lagos. Also, the first air-operated emergency medical service in West Africa commenced in the city of Lagos. 

The General Hospital is located at Odan, Lagos Island, between Broad Street and Marina in the central business district. The hospital is one of the several general hospitals of the Lagos State Government. The the government established it in 1893 as a British military hospital, making it the first general hospital in Nigeria.

The Floating City:

Lagos is home to Makoko City which is an actual floating city on water where people live on water and carry out all daily and business activities there. Additionally, The inhabitants of Makoko travel through the city using waterways and you can only see this in the city of Lagos.

Interesting History:

Interestingly, the locals referred to Lagos as Eko before colonisation. It served as a major centre for slave-trade, from which the Oba of Benin Ado and all of his successors for over four centuries supported – until 1841 when Oba Akitoye ascended to the throne of Lagos and attempted to ban slave trading.

Also, Local merchants strongly opposed the intended move, and deposed,exiled the king, and installed Akitoye’s brother Kosoko as Oba.

One-time Capital City of Nigeria:

Lagos maintained its status as the capital when Nigeria obtained its independence from Britain in 1960. Lagos was Nigeria’s capital city from 1914 until 1991 but was later replaced with Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory.

Nigeria’s Largest Economy:

This is Nigeria’s financial and economic capital. As a matter of fact, the city of Lagos is a major economic focal point in Nigeria and accounts for almost 10% of the country’s GDP. Most commercial and financial business is carried out in the central business district situated on the island.
This is also where most of the country’s commercial banks, financial institutions, and major corporations are headquartered.

Nigeria’s ICT Hub:

Some of the biggest Information and Communication Telecommunications companies in West Africa are located in Lagos. Over time, it has become the ICT hub of West Africa and potentially, that of the continent. As a result, Lagos is gradually developing a 24-hour economy. Most of the Software companies in Lagos work mainly in the telecommunications, banking and education/employment services sectors. Lekki and Ikeja Districts house most of them.

Some of the top companies are MTN which maintains the first and still predominant 4G network in Nigeria. Airtel is another 4G provider. 9Mobile and Dataflex are Internet providers. Flutterwave is in the virtual bank card business. Opay is a platform for online bookings. Paystack is used by Nigerians who regularly receive payments from abroad. Andela trains software engineers and places them in the Nigerian job market. ULesson maintains a platform on which secondary school learning content is presented. Hotels.ng allows hotel bookings to be made throughout Africa. If you are into software or any tech related business and need any of these needs met, Lagos has all it takes. 


Not only does Lagos handles 80% of the Country’s Imports but also, it handles majority of Nigeria’s imports. Located in the Southwest beach line of Nigeria, Lagos port is responsible for processing 80% of goods in Nigeria and that is quite massive for a state so small in size. 

A Good Market For Investment:

Basically, there’s hardly any kind of business that you won’t find in Lagos. The city has a conducive environment for both buyers and sellers. For visitors coming in, you don’t need to panic because there’s a market for every need or service you want to be met.

And if you are looking for ways to invest or expand your business opportunities, then you should make your way to Lagos.   


If you are not lazy, then you can’t be idle or jobless in Lagos. There’s a job that fits every class or person in Lagos. There are jobs for the educated and even the uneducated. There is a plethora of white-collar jobs and there is also opportunities for skilled and unskilled labour. The hustle and bustle of Lagos makes it quite easy to get something to do in order to earn a living.

Home of Entertainment:

The fact that Lagos is the epicenter of social life in Nigeria is undeniable.  There is obviously no doubt about this. The city of Lagos houses 90% of famous Nigerian actors, musicians, and comedians.  It is almost customary for Nigerian entertainers to move to Lagos either to settle
for those that are already famous or looking for opportunities.

It plays host to some of the biggest cultural, religious, and secular events in the county. Some of these events take place annually, monthly, and on weekends.    If you’re the life of the party or a fun lover, then you should find your way to Lagos because the city has got you covered all the way.  


Lagos gave birth to a variety of styles such as Sakara music, Nigerian hip hop, highlife, juju, fuji and Afrobeats.


Lagos is the centre of the Nigerian movie industry, often referred to as ‘Nollywood’ with Idumota market on Lagos Island as the primary distribution center. Many films are shot in the Festac area of Lagos, where the World Festival of Black Arts was held. The city recently played
host to the premier of Hollywood movies like The Woman King and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Standard of Living:

You need to have deep pockets to enjoy the very best of Lagos. From accommodation to feeding and transport, life in Lagos is expensive. When compared to other Nigerian states, living in Lagos is on the high side.

So, before you move into Nigeria’s most popular city, you need to sit and count the cost to avoid stories.


Traffic is almost synonymous with the name Lagos. Lagosians basically spend a good part of their lives in traffic.   Traffic congestion is a universal phenomenon. Big cities like New York, Paris, Beijing, London, etc. experience this but for a visitor who is not conversant with the terrain of Nigerian roads, especially in a city like Lagos, this information is ultimately useful.

Always Stay Smart:

Life in Lagos can be quite crazy. The streets of Lagos comprise the good, the bad, and the ugly. Different kinds of people with different characters and temperaments exist in every corner of Lagos.

You don’t want to be too gentle or calm in Lagos, a little display of craziness is sometimes needed.  

A Home to All Tribes:

Originally and majorly occupied by the Yorubas, Lagos is now a home for all.  Out of the 500-plus ethnic groups in Nigeria, you are certain to find an individual or even a community. As a confluence of tribes and religions, every tribe is represented.

This great city houses some of the biggest religious bodies in Nigeria. Most mega-churches in Nigeria have their headquarters in the city of Lagos.

Hang out Spots:

Lagos has some of the best hang-out spots in the country. For travelers and visitors coming into Nigeria’s commercial city, check these spots out. These are a few out of a plethora of others. Lagos has no shortage of anything.

Lekki Conservation Centre, Lekki:

From the thrilling experience of the longest canopy walkway in Africa to sitting before a giant chess board, the Lekki Conservation Centre which is a cool and nature-filled spot is one of the best spots to hang out and have a picnic with friends and family.

As mentioned above, it has the longest canopy walkway in Africa, the famous 95-year-old giant tortoise, giant chess board, nature-filled scenery with animals and plants, etc.

Omu Resort, Ibeju-Lekki:

This is another spot located in Lekki. The resort has a zoo, an amusement park, and a water park. Some of the fun activities that are available are Go-kart (car race), zoo visitation, and horse riding. Kayaking, paintball, mini-golf, swimming pool, Quad biking, roller skating, mechanical bull riding, etc. You will definitely have a fun-filled experience.

Barracuda Beach, Ajah:

Talking about private beaches and a place for luxurious leisure, Barracuda Beach is just the place to be. Regarded as one of the most popular private beaches in Lagos, it is fully equipped with facilities like a football pitch, basketball and volleyball court perfect for guests to enjoy
relaxation and recreational time.

Tarkwa Bay, Victoria Island:

If you are a surfing enthusiast and you are looking for a place for some jet skiing, then Tarkwa Bay is the place. The beach which is artificially sheltered is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos and it is  located at Onisiwo Island in the Victoria Island axis of Lagos.

Fun activities include surfing, jetskiing, boat riding, volleyball, beach soccer, etc.

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Known as the Center for Excellence, the city of Lagos has defied all odds to become the most popular cities in Africa and the most prosperous state in Nigeria. Despite not being the official capital of the nation, it is arguably bears the economic life of the nation. From entertainment to infrastructure and politics, it has influenced and is still influencing the historical, political, social and economic landscape of the country. These and many more are some jaw-dropping facts about the city of Lagos; Nigeria’s economic and entertainment hub.

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