Top 15 Bead Bags to Add to Your Wardrobe in 2023

Nigerian bead bags have always been an essential part of Nigerian beads and fashion. Dating as far back as the Nok Culture, between 900 BC to 2000 AD, Nigerian beads have always had economic value as well as added an artistic expression to Nigerians. As a multicultural nation, Nigerian beads have played significant symbolic roles […]

Nigerian Beauty Brands: Celebrating Diversity and Representation

Nigerian beauty brands have overtime taken big steps in the journey of building a culture of inclusivity in the fashion and beauty space. This they have done through the incorporation of diversity and representation in their creative models. However, Nigerian beauty brands are still facing some challenges with the most prominent of these being the […]

Eco-Friendly and Ethical Fashion Brands in Nigeria

Eco-friendly and ethical fashion brands in Nigeria have taken centre stage over time. This is possible due to the evolution of sustainable fashion in Africa. With increasing knowledge of the effects of textile production on climate change and the environment, manufacturers and consumers have chosen to take steps to mitigate the negative impacts of these […]

7 Nigerian Fashion and Beauty Influencers to Follow for Trendy Inspiration

The Nigerian fashion space has a plethora of Nigerian fashion and beauty influencers you could follow for trendy inspiration. Social media has given fashion and beauty influencers in Nigeria a good platform to command an admirable following. Utilizing spaces like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok and Facebook, Nigerian fashion and beauty influencers have not only made […]

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